High Resolution Time-Frequency Representation of Narrow-Band Transient Signals

April 2000


Algorithm Key Features

  • Detects start and end of signal portion above noise level
  • Keeps noisy data from entering subsequent processing, no more "hand edititing" of noisy datasets
  • Time-Phase spectra may be used to accurately range grazing angle retuns (e.g. Multibeam data)
  • Time-Spectra hold promise as input to a classification scheme


  • Quality Assurance
    • Transmitter Monitoring

  • Doppler Shift Tracking
    • Ultrasound Flow-Meters
    • Ultrasound Velocity Logs

  • Passive Monitoring of Structures and Mechanical Devices
    • Failure Prediction
    • Noise Monitoring
    • Resonance Alarm

  • Sonar Detection
    • Time-of-Flight measurements
    • Target Tracking
    • Target Classification